Hilarious New Comedy coming soon to Prime Video

"TIPPED" is a hilarious new comedy based around  the restaurant industry.    It follows the day to  day situations and interactions between the servers and guests at the restaurant. 

CAST:   Nakesha Davis - "Cora Deen"  Meri Claire Marano - "Abby Rhodes"  Jeremy Kaluza - "Dillon Walters"  Tyler Shook- "Spencer Stone"     Drew Roberts - "Clark Adams"  Tiffany Driskell- "Wendy Marshall"  Jonathan Brown- " Cook-Bruno"  Kristen Hardimon- " Keesha Williams"

Zach Smith - "Sam Harris" And Vincent Fiore "Col. Clyde Beauregard Doyle"  Erin O'Brien - Cameo

Executive Producers:  Chuck Powers / Vincent Fiore/ Johnny Alonso

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